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Virtual Tax Returns

  • Clients can upload their tax documents via our secure and encrypted client portal or via fax, whichever method is most convenient for the client.  Our Client Portal supports Word, Excel, PDF, QuickBooks, TIFF, GIFF, JPEG, and Bitmap.
  • Clients do not have to waste time before work, during their lunch break, or after work sitting and waiting for a tax preparer to figure their tax return.    Why should clients waste their valuable time waiting when they can carry on with their normal routine of working, sleeping, shopping, being in class, studying, etc?  We can download the documents they have uploaded from the secure & encrypted Client Portal, figure their taxes, upload their completed return back into their very own private client folder and notify them via e-mail or text (client’s preference) when the return is complete for their review.  Clients have access to their personal client folder 24/7.  If we notify the client that we need additional documentation, no problem, just upload the document(s) when it is retrieved and we will know immediately.  No need to find time during the day to bring it in to the office. 
  • Clients will receive their very own login and password & their very own private, encrypted client folder.  Clients will then be granted access to our Client Portal where they will review our Welcome Letter, Written Guarantee, Privacy Policy, Consent forms and read information regarding our banking product options.  Clients will sign the necessary forms, then complete the Tax Organizer (Client Questionnaire) and upload their tax documents for preparation.  Clients will receive the same guarantee of accuracy, assistance and customer service as any brick and mortar retail tax firm, without the in-store wait and from the comfort of their own home, from school or even from work.